Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reverting to the Old Ways

So, some in the know have already heard about my plans to downsize my blogging efforts.

I plan on keeping the ads at the top, but I really do any excessive marketing beyond participating in other people's blogs.

For people who don't know, I had posted entries a total of three times on three different blog sites. I will now keep it to just the blogger site.

If you had become somthing of a regular, you also would have noticed that I posted entries somewhat compulsively, whenever I had a thought. I used it as something of a marketing tactic that worked on Soulcast and Writingup but not Blogger (if Blogger instates visible tags for entries, that would rock). Suffice to say, I'm cutting my entry writing down to a minimum of one a day, and I won't feel that bad if I don't write that one entry.

Simply put: focusing so much on blogging and trying to get more readership took me away from family, friends, the job search, my bachelor's project and other activities. A man needs to have his priorities.

So for those people on Soulcast and Writingup, you'll need to head on over to The Lextopia on Blogger to get your dose of me.

I don't know how many news items I'll post, either, so if you came to my blog for news and politics, you'll have to subscribe to my news feeds. You can find links for doing so at the The Lextopia on Blogger.

Thank you.

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