Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trying to Make a Comeback

Been awhile since I've made a post. Lack of time has been a big contributor.

Over the last month, though, sending the laptop back to the manufacturer for repairs has been the biggest discouragement to do anything computer related. I had to depend on the old desktop for computer-related crap, and I probably ended up wasting a half hour to an hour a day just waiting for it to process tasks. Not worth it.

Unfortunately, I still have to deal with that crap at work. Hopefully some recent initiatives will get someone's ass into gear to replace my computer that still runs Windows 2000. Ugh.

Anyway, I got the laptop back just under a week ago. I spent the majority of the early week reinstalling most everything and organizing things. I still have to go through the stuff that Windows Easy Exchange transferred to delete things I don't need anymore. Nothing time sensitive there.

Dealing with computer crap contributed to bad time management this week. So did having to address bills. Add to that Chicago's Restaurant week where fancy restaurants set up inexpensive menus for commoners like me to sample, enjoy and possibly get addicted.

I had some good food but nothing convinced me to come back with my credit card on a regular basis and charge it to its limit. Nope. The wife and I still plan on just setting aside money at every paycheck then going out for a nice restaurant after saving up enough money.

Doing much else than working on a new long term project didn't really enter my mind. I got too distracted by random things. Plus, I had fallen very much behind on the new project, which has gotten me fairly disappointed.

I've wiggled my way into informally copyediting entries for the Lands of Shadow Wiki, the wiki for the D&D campaign world started by a friend and that I participate in.

Nothing recently edited by has been posted yet. I've been doing little by little over the last week or so. I asked for a deadline and got Thursday since we had plans on playing sometime this weekend. Because of my lack of discipline, I'm still working on it at 1:30 AM Saturday when we plan to play at 12 PM today.

I think I'll be going to bed now, though. I've edited a large majority of it. I've got something like a page or a page and a half to address it. Most of the time, people get to his place at staggered times. I'm hoping to get there before a lot of the other players then take the opportunity to finish as much of it as possible. Will have to see how that goes.

Copyediting a living document with the objective of world building interdependently between multiple parties certainly has brought some interesting topics to my mind. I hope to take more opportunities to post here and address some of those topics. Hopefully it leads to some good insights and discussion.