Friday, June 30, 2006

Had an Interview Today, Looking for Opinions

Met an event marketer supervisor at Blue Green Resorts today for the interview.

My duties pretty much include: looking pretty and convincing people at various events, like motor racing, auto racing, art festivals and so forth, to sign up for presentations about the company's time shares and resort rentals.

Base pay comes out to $10, and I get approximately $100 commission for every person that signs up for a presentation.

The interviewer told me that he got $2,400 in commissions a week when he started. Supposedly, the good marketers get 3 to 4 people signing up an event.

So, my quick run down on the positive and negatives:

Positives --

+ Good money if I perform well,

+ Flexible hours for benefits, 30 hours, which can get fulfilled by working weekends and one weekday, leaving me with 3-day weekends,

+ Because of flexibility, I can dedicate more time to working on my bachelors project and possibly work more on freelance projects,

+ Opportunity to learn a little more about sales, marketing and social psychology and

+ A seemingly fun and open atmosphere among my associates, in which I can be free to talk about my other projects.

Negatives --

+ Possibility that I may not perform well, thus not good money,

+ Sounds too easy to be true, and I'll be fodder,

+ Possibly not enough structure for me because work locations won't always be in one place,

+ At least twice a month, I'll have to travel out to the suburb, which will probably mean horrible, horrible up to an hour and a half commutes back home or finding a Wi-Fi hookup to do work until rush hour ends and

+ I might be jumping on this opportunity because I haven't had an interview since I started job searching about a month ago.

So I would like to hear from you, my readers, on what you think of me taking this job. Do you think I'll enjoy it? Do you think I will find enough success in it until I find success in my writing, publishing or academic career? In your opinion, will it work out as a good choice for me?


Torque said...

well...I'd say give it a try for at least a two weeks just to get a feel for the job. It's something that you'd probably be pretty good at doing but one never knows so like I said give it a try for 2 weeks just to feel it out. see if you like the people,see if you don't mind the schedule and see if you'd potentially be very good at it. If it doesn't turn out how you'd HOPE that it would then take what little paycheck you get from the place and look for something more your style of job. For now I say give it a shot and you'll probably do well. Confidence usually makes all the difference.

Kasia said...

I agree with Torque, so if you haven't already turned in a decision by the time I post this comment, I say you try it out, too. Clearly you've been busting your bum trying to get interviews to little avail, so you might as well take this, your first opportunity, and see if it's a good fit. If not, you just go back to job searching. No biggie. But I know what you mean, any job that's based on commission -- and for which recruiters tell you they made gads of money their first day or week or month -- always make me wary, too.

Good luck!!