Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No Neat E-Mail Form

Dang! I wanted to arrange for an e-mail form, so you could e-mail me without me letting you know my e-mail address by allowing you access to a form. It will cost me $7/month through CGIspy unless someone knows of another remote CGI host that will do it for free (or at the worst, with ads on the form page).

And now. . .I feel flaky because lack of food, plus I should do responsible things like pay attention to my projects and such.

I guess I'll just make a short commentary about how last night, at Charlie's, in my attempt to create a weekly or bi-weekly tradition of people hanging out and only the Girl showed up, I didn't mind hanging out by myself. I didn't feel lonely nor did I get bored. I had gotten a couple books, so I pretty much just read them while sipping at a drink. OK books, but I really didn't have the attention span for reading after a long hard day at work. Nonetheless, I just kinda read a little here and there then every once in awhile looked up to look around. Again, in the past, I would have felt insecure about being alone in a bar and such, but last night, well. . .I didn't much care and now feel impressed with myself for some reason.

I've impressed myself once again.

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Shaw Israel Izikson said...

CGI host?

Yea - me...

gimmie a day or two.