Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not Much More from Me Tonight

I probably won't even write more literary analysis on Charlie Jade today.

Today hasn't really provided me with much stimulus. Spent most of it working on the job search, which mostly consisted of informing my "consistent" temp agency that I'll be available next week and going through want ads on the Chicago Craigslist, which didn't come to much because other than the responses I sent out for the writing section, I didn't see much of anything appealing or viable in the nonprofit and marketing/advertising/PR section.

On an interesting note, I did write up some copy for people to hear when they're put on hold on the phone. A guy who works at a marketing company gave me a couple hypothetical examples to do. I, unfortunately, did more work than needed because I misintepreted one part. Recovered from that mistake rather quickly, though.

The guy responded pretty quickly to say thanks for the quick turnaround time and that he'll check out my work next week.

Yesterday and the day before, I took a two-hour break for a walk. I meant them to be one-hour breaks originally, but things would get away from me.

Today, I didn't take any breaks, though. The fiancee and I plan to go out tonight to hang out with a friend who bartends at some hamburger joint up in Andersonville. We haven't seen him for awhile, so that'll be good. Nice to actually see a friend in the city, too. And maybe, just maybe. . .he'll have some way to help me in my quest for some career networking.

I didn't even read anything today. The job search and the voice copy writing really just overtook the day.

And unfortunately, when those prospects don't look good, it doesn't help my mood or really inspire me to write.

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