Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ideas, Religion, Job Interviews, Cats and a Date


Props to the long-haired blond girl who hsa more shoes than anyone else, or, at least, the fiancee says she does. She gave me the impetus having an announcement e-mail list for The Lextopia. Props to you, girl, props to you.


OK, maybe it's really just the guy at Southern Appeal, but he's really the only religious conservative who I view on a regular basis.

The other one would take wayyyyy too much of my productive energy away by making me hyperfocus on a political discussion. At least, for now. . .. That one has so much more of an attitude.


Woohoo! A fellow from a marketing company finally caught up with me today.

We talked a little -- actually talked, not just him telling me stuff or just asking questions -- we actually had something of a conversation. My dad made a little jealous for having that ability when I worked for him. He would talk up people real good, make them feel comfortable and have something of an interesting time talking about insurance. Go figure.

I had originally thought that my issue with it came from not involving myself with the type of people who have more than just auto insurance or other minimal types. Maybe I didn't tap into the culture of most people.

Recently, though, from Driven to Distraction, however, I learn that a lot of people with ADHD have issues with conversation. With having to organize the attention of the knowledge in your brain and also the social cues inherent in conversation, especially without preparation for the conversation, trouble in a conversation for people with ADHD shouldn't surprise anyone.

But we set up an interview for tomorrow. Inconveniently, I'll have to drive between a half-hour to an hour and a half, depending on the traffic, out to a suburb for the interview. The guy said that I'll still mainly be working in Chicago.

I'll probably do well enough with the interview, especially with the preparation I will do and should have done already, if the phone conversation indicates anything. The interview should also provide a novel situation. I don't have that much information about the position yet, so it will also provide me with the opportunity to learn the actual duties of the position. A good job interview should work like a date in a way, or, at least, a date evaluated on rational terms to answer the question: "Will we work well together? Will I give you what you want? Will you provide me with a position that I want?"

Nonetheless, I kind of worry about me performing once I get this kind of position. Will having ADHD get in the way of me doing well in a position that could require conversation skills?

Now that I've discovered that ADHD, a biologically neurological situation, gives me the trouble of having conversation, not a lack of profiency in having conversation, I'll have to learn more about coping techniques.

I believe Strattera helped me deal with conversation at the insurance agency, but I'm in the middle of not having medication and experimenting a little. The medical insurance this company provides could help, but it wouldn't fix the problem.

Simple enough, I'll have to research up on coping techniques. I know at least two that can help: preparation and knowledge. They can help anyone in conversation but stressing it will help me a lot.

Another one: Keeping things simple, not overcomplicating matters.

Then there's also admitting that you don't have a particular piece of information, but you'll find it out and get back to them. In a professional situation, that tact has to work, especially if it's regarding your profession. At least in casual conversation, you can simply admit that you know nothing, state what you know then work with the other person to discover more.

I guess trying to view every situation as novel and new could help, but I don't know how well when trying to cope with a neurological issue. . .How much can you make your physiology believe something when it's not true?

I really should prepare for the interview tomorrow, though. Tonight hasn't worked out for me keeping my priorities straight. Ugh.


Volunteered at a cat shelter with the fiancee today. We just get to wander around and play and pet cats.

Kind of fun, even though I got a little annoyed when other humans tried to tell me about the cats or engage me in conversation. Apparently, some of the more shy and unhappy cats liked me more than other people. I, honestly, believe that cats personify ADHD.


The fiancee also went out on a date after playing with the cats.

We ate at an Ethiopian restaurant, called The Ethiopian Cafe, on Broadway. Can't say that it tasted any better or worse than any other Ethiopian restaurant, even though the one we went to in Montreal rocked for taste.

The spinach sambusa really tasted good, though. Sambusa never really stood out for me before.

I didn't eat the meat, but the fiancee said it really didn't have much spicy kick to it. Veggies did a good job of it, though, even though I had to eat halfway through them before noticing it, and I don't have that much of a tolerance to spiciness.

They had this interesting dish called something like the Chick Pea Fish or something. Apparently, they shape chick pea flower into the shape of a fish. It didn't really look like a fish to me, even though it had somewhat of a meaty taste to it. I hope that the fiancee and I didn't get mixed up by the layout. It didn't really strike my fancy, though, with that meaty taste.

The fiancee also mentioned that other than her favorite Ethiopian restaurant in Boston, she has found the veggie entrees much better than the meat entrees at Ethiopian restaurants.

Ordered an African beer. It actually tasted like a Heineken. They've got three other African beers, though, and a Brazilian one. If we go back, I'll have to experiment more. With all the other Ethiopian and African restaurants in the area, I don't really know if we'll get the chance to check out this one again.

Really good service, though. When we ordered everything, we ordered some pretty good tea along with beer and wine. The waitress asked if we wanted the tea with everything else or wanted it after everything. We took it after the meal, and it worked really well there.

The waiter who wanted to collect the check also made sure to let us know to take out time. Other than that, though, I can't remember much else outstanding about the service. I have the thought that something good did happen at the edge of my mind. It just won't enter into my conscious mind. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the service there.

We also ended up going to a Windy City Sweets on Broadway. The fiancee had some ice cream and I had a mango sorbet. We agreed that the sorbet tasted like fresh frozen mangos rather than some kind of artificial mango taste. Can't say I have an opinion about her ice cream, since I didn't eat it.

I need to go prepare for that interview tommorrow, though!


Kasia said...

Aww... The long-haired blond girl who doesn't really have more shoes than ANYONE else -- just MOST everyone else! LOL -- thanks ya for the props!

The_Lex said...

That's still a lot of shoes.

And you've definitely inspired a great service and value to the readers of this blog.