Friday, June 23, 2006

Maybe Climate Change is a Temporary Thing or. . .

At Paul Kedrosky's, someone mentioned that in 2012, the sun spot cycle will reach its peak , and the temperature will lower by a ton and maybe send us into an ice age.

The carbon we put in the air will have nothing to do with it. A natural process, beyond our control, will kick us into it, not our use of fossil fuels.

A friend of mine made a crack that, then, we would need to burn fossil fuels to keep ourselves and the climate warm enough for Earth's eco system to remain similar to it as it is now.

If you've read the Wikipedia entry that I've sited for 2012 or have kept up with Terence McKenna, Mayan prophecy or anything connected to New Ageism, you'll know that something significant has been prophesied to happen sometime in December of 2012 that will change the consciousness of man, bring about the end of history, instill spiritual change, something. . ..

Wouldn't it be a great practical joke on the liberals and progressives if the great change of 2012 is the beginning of another ice age? The conservatives had it right, we should've just kept burning those fossil fuels and releasing the carbon into the air.

I guess, on a cosmic scale. Too bad we don't live on a cosmic scale.

All this confluence around 2012 just makes me think that we had better get something important right. As to what that important thing, our idea about climate change, morality, God, novelty, whatever is the important thing, WE HAD BETTER GET IT RIGHT.

Here me, human race? WE HAD BETTER GET IT RIGHT.

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