Sunday, June 18, 2006

Out of It

That about says it all. Last night, I had a big headache and a case of insomnia. Read and browsed the Internet until about 5, after which I went to Walgreens for some Melatonin.

Took one of those but had this head splitting headache, so I took a couple Excedrin.

I got all dizzy immediately after taking the second one, so I crawled into bed, bumbling about how I'm just feeling the withdrawal effects of the ADHD medication.

Woke up at about eleven. My teeth and gums hurt like I had wisdom teeth coming out of my gums. . .even though I had them removed by an oral surgeon years ago. Felt that pain until I fell asleep again.

Apparently Miriya, the kitten, got worried about me, but I don't remember anything about that.

Finally woke up at about 10 of 4 or something like that. Really have done much with my day, and I don't intend to do much more.

So there.

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