Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tired from Moving & Trying to Enlighten with Twittervism

Times are still busy in life these days. Staying late at the office to handle the huge volume of business that occurs this time of year, including helping an individual here and there with figuring out which insurance policy to get. The whole thing gets a little stressful because so much needs to get done, but everyone wants the attention that they need because dealing with the December 15th deadline really stresses them out. So yeah, fun.

In the meanwhile, we still have loads of boxes that we have to unpack at home. . .and I'm not the mastermind behind figuring out what goes where. I help where I can, but at a certain point, my trying to help will only get in the way and cause more trouble than its worth.

Weekend laziness hasn't helped, either, but when the body wants to chill out and lay around, it wants to chill out and lay around. This apartment gets much hotter than the last one, too, so I've been finding myself a little more worn down than usual. But it's all overall exhausting in the long run. Someone mentioned to me that moving can be one of the most stressful things that can occur to a person, even if it's just down a level and across the hall.

Seriously, though, changing all these addresses has become something of a pain, especially credit cards. I have no problems with bank and investment accounts, just change the address on the website then boom, all set. Credit cards, though, I'm finding that I'll need to call them to change the address. I figure this has a level of urgency, too, since it could possibly affect my credit score and stuff.

I expect no one really wants to read about my travails in moving, though, and wants to hear something about my views on politics, culture, literature, etc. I don't have the energy to put together any deep analysis or anything, so I'll just provide a stream of Twittervism below.

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