Monday, June 19, 2006

No Medication: Day 2

Well, apparently, the headache side of things has calmed down a little. I felt it a little while waiting for sleep that didn't come, but nearly as bad as the other night, no huge pain in my eyes that looped up then eventually down to my absent wisdom teeth. The fiancee says that I probably just had a tension headache.

Strange thing about the headaches I had: they only bothered me when I didn't have something to occupy my attention.

Insomnia still plagued me, though. I don't think it comes as a symptom of withdrawal, though, more like the symptoms of ADHD rearing its head again. The insomnia comes as more of a byproduct of an ADHD symptom, actually.

Someone on an ADHD had a good word for this symptom: obsessive rumination. All types of topics, images and subjects just keep popping into my head, and I explore the different angles. Without a practice of mindful meditation, clearing my mind just doesn't work. . .I end up having to constantly think and ruminate about clearing my head, which then even gets more annoying.

The obsessive rumination shows up, again, mostly when I try to sleep or don't have some interesting activity to hold my attention. It can get annoying.

I would have taken some melatonin last night, but I just took some earlier that day.

So, instead, I had a couple mugs of catnip tea. I fell asleep about a half hour or so later.

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