Monday, April 30, 2007

Shame on Fan Fiction

Over the last few days, I've taken part in an enlightening interchange about the dangers of Fan Fiction, most especially when fanfickers accuse the original writers of plagiarizing their work. Then it can possibly turn into a libel suit.

All very confusing, but a worthwhile conversation. My stance comes out well enough in the interchange, so I'll let it all speak for itself.

The interchange:

Dead Things on Sticks:
Wherein Kirk and Spock Make the Love With the Cast of Heroes and Jane Eyre Makes Fun of Rocky Balboa

(Hilarious guilty pleasure clip if you can take the profanity and sexual/violent connotations)

Dead Things on Sticks:
On Fanfic II: Weinman tries to Separate the Good From The Bad from The Ugly

Dead Things on Sticks:
Sorry, No Fanfic Sale

Just annoys me a little that I come off as a naive fool. As they say, though, there are no stupid questions. . ..

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