Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Lexdate: Pineapple Creative Knob Turned Up & Welcome to the Surreal Politics & Society


Not much to report on the project front of things. Still working on editing for tightness of the novel. This process mainly includes comparing the current state of the novel to the attempt I made at a short story a few weeks ago by making a couple sections of the novel less wordy. I think this stage has gotten closer to over (working on it for an actual or two over the past weekend helped a lot), so I’ll have something for my beta readers soon.

Last week or so I’ve done some intense online preliminary research into trying to hone in on my actual argument. It actually feels more like a vocabulary search, trying to think of the right words to encapsulate my feelings and thoughts. The latest word, contempt, seems to go a long way to getting closer to my ideas. Heck, it has me flashing back nostalgically to 2001 or 2002, thinking on my 3-layer futon mattress bed on the floor, poking holes into the articulated academia about utopianism that I could find out there but couldn’t figure out how to legitimately say something about it in a bachelors project. Having that kind of flashback must be a good thing, right?

In the meantime, I have had some interesting experiences with my attention. I’ve done a lot more hyperfocus than typical lately (at least typical over the last few years). My thoughts envelope me, especially when it comes to creative ruminations about my project, writing, or just pretty much anything that I’m finding interesting and want to figure out. I’ve tended to tune out the outside world a bit and just do some intense thinking.

I get a little frustrated with myself when I come out of it because I like to stay aware of the outside world. At the same time, though, I think this kind of intense internal focus and non-harsh ruminating leads me toward more creativity and problem solving. It has done some good for the academic side of the project, I believe. In a week or so, when I get back into actual writing of novel, not editing/revising, I’ll see how much my creativity has increased its flow.

Pineapple might have something to do with it. I started ingesting pineapple on a semi-regular basis a couple weeks. My tummy is a point of self consciousness for me (as it probably is for most people). Through my inductive process, I’ve come to believe that pineapple might help address it. Soon after ending ingestion of pineapple regularly awhile ago, people and I began noticing the tummy. Can’t hurt any

I stopped eating pineapple back then because my dentist discouraged eating acidic stuff, and my gums weren’t the happiest. This time, I wanted to test the pineapple theory real good, plus have much better dental hygiene habits now. It really hasn’t done anything for my belly, but maybe creativity has gotten better. I’ve even started dreaming a bit more. I had read something somewhere about pineapples having melatonin and other good sleep stuff in them.

The pineapple has caused some mouth issues, though. Some parts of my gums have gotten sensitive. No wonder. From what I’ve read elsewhere about pineapple, bromelain acts as an enzyme to break down proteins. People use it to tenderize meat after all! To remedy this issue, I have started juicing the pineapple with our Ninja juicer/blender that we had inherited from some friends a few years ago, then I drink it through a straw. It seemed to work good at first, but again, more mouth soreness. I’m trying to increase the dental hygiene immediately after drinking the pineapple to see if that will help. The increase started today, though, so I probably won’t know if that helps for a couple days. Hope it works!

In case you didn’t know, fair reader, I’m a bit of a food science nerd. I guess you probably have to be when you want to remain healthy on an ovo vegetarian diet. A friend back in high school once mentioned that it seemed like I was trying to gain super powers through good eating, though, so I think this nerdery has a little something more to it.


The span of time since my last update has been something of a doozy, so I’ll get right to it by embedding a Tweet that time-wise would have been appropriate in my last blog entry. It caused a kerfuffle on my Facebook wall then, making me not want to re-visit it by posting it here. Now I have the compulsion to post it, and I think you’ll understand why.

And after the US military dropped the MOAB in Afghanistan and a scorpion found on a United plan (per a headline), I’m going to try taking it easy this Easter weekend and try to spend some more time around some like-minded people. Honestly, though, if Jesus comes back this weekend, could he please give Trump a good thrashing?