Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fear of Obselescence

Last night, I think I got a bit too tangential. Yeah, I dislike not having time to do personal things that create meaning and value those things, but the thing that I really wanted to focus on that made me afraid is:


Just take a look at this article:

Girl Power: No rich relatives? No professional mentors? No problem. Ashley Qualls, 17, has built a million-dollar web site. She's LOL all the way to the bank.

When I first read the article, I thought that this girl was missing out on an education and the benefits of one. I still think there's a benefit to a higher education and an "innocent" childhood, but really, were those reactions just guarding me from thinking that I'm becoming obsolete?

This girl isn't really doing anything BEYOND me. Sure, I probably wouldn't design MySpace pages like her (crap, I haven't even touched the design of my MySpace page. Not making the time is one thing for not working on my design or doing something like this girl. Until reading this article, though, I hadn't even thought of doing that type of thing.

The article got me to thinking who's coming to my blog. I've been kind of annoyed with my content lately, much less the lack of entries. Most of the entries lately have felt more like complaining that I don't have the time to write or analyzing reasons why I'm not writing here rather than providing any useful content. And now I'm sounding like the typical blog. . .which I didn't feel like awhile ago when I had been writing reviews and on actual topics rather than complaining about life. . .which is something that I probably need to do, but I want to make content that interests people.

Damn. . .I feel so obsolete and like I can't make the time to get over it. Ugh.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

It's like bowling: You need to stop worrying about how you roll the ball and how it hits the pins and just roll the damn ball down the isle...


Jeremy Roby said...

Hey, I happen to think complaining is highly entertaining! A wise man once said, "Bitching about bitching is the highest form of bitching."

Dawn said...

Wow. Oddly enough, my highest hourly wage has come from graphic/web design, and I got into that kind of by accident as well.

Anyway, the girl in the article isn't abandoning an education--she's completing HS through online classes and it sounds like she's getting a community college degree as well. She can always get the BA in a couple of years.

The_Lex said...

Well, Shaw and Jeremy, you guys are friends, which kind of guarantees you as an audience. It'll probably different once I have legions of worshippers. . .err. . .ehhh. . .I mean fans.

And Dawn, I think my main criticism comes from me being a little jealous of the girl. She's got something really good going, and it sounds like she's having fun and making enough money to set it aside and pursue with full attention something like singer/songwriting or writing novels and books. =D

I wish I had the instincts to do more career-oriented things when I was transitioning into the college world rather than trying to get out of my parent's house.