Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Difficulty Voting Green this Morning

1) The turning elderly (probably not trained very well) poll workers didn't know there was a Green party, even though one of the ballots said Green Party at the top.

Furthermore, the top of the Democratic ballot had a dark Green label. They argued with me that I had to tell them which political party I was part of, and I kept telling them Green, Green, Green. I almost thought that maybe I had to say that I was independent or that they were asking me a different question.

It makes me sad that I had to raise my voice, get testy and just about lecture poll workers about something they should know about. . ..

2) Other than President, I had two or three choices for elections. The other one was for House of Representatives, and I had one choice. Then there was another election having to do with water, there were three choices and I could vote for three people.

Greens, you wonder why there's still a two-party majority system and the Green party doesn't get more recognition (at least, I do, since I feel like they make more common sense than the two majority parties)? Get more people running in local elections. You know, like a lot of people who have some alignment with Green thought, "Act locally, think globally?"

3) Not enough press coverage, easy to read press releases and easy to find information. The press coverage, easy enough to understand and that will take time. The other two factors, though, are workable fixes by the people involved in the Green party.

First, make it so the Illinois Green Party Website can actually be accessed.

Second, anyone ever hear of bullet lists? That would be a great way to list off issues and what you want to do deal with those issues. I didn't find anywhere on the candidate Websites information about concrete answers to issues. And on top of that, I found more confronting election issues rather than actual issues to be faced once someone enters into office. What's up with that? I don't want to vote for someone who can complain about not getting enough attention. . .I want to vote for someone who can do a job.