Saturday, June 17, 2006

4 Things Cool, 4 Things Lame


+ Not incredibly humid.

+ Got a book to read that I ordered from

+ Planning on taking some time away from the computer most of the day.

+ Can resort to coffee and tea for self medication.


+ Despite the humidity being a little higher than moderate, still 102 to 103 degrees.

+ Ran out of my ADHD medication -- probably will have to do a bunch of entries about it, at least any withdrawal issues and to see if the stuff really did help.

+ Had to walk up and down the main strip to find soy milk. Convenient stores don't carry soy milk (I would think by this time, for the lactose intolerant, they'd carry it).

+ Treasure Island, where I got my soy milk didn't give me the choice of paper or plastic ("Plastic is only for purchases more than $10), and the plastic bags they do have don't have the crossover convenience of carrying your groceries home then using it to clean out your cats' litter box.

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