Sunday, March 31, 2002

Easter Day

Yet another one of those days th/ I occupied so much th/ I've left myself w/ barely enough time or cognizance to write much of any worth on this hear BLOG. Oh well, it happens.

I went to a service @ church th/ had some interesting things sd, a homily made, & a unision prayer made abt Easter. It all focused on how the holiday represented hope for pretty much every religion out there th/ celebrated Easter. The hope inspired by Jesus (or the Son of God, himself. . .whatever you may believe) got resurrected on this day just abt 2002 yrs ago. Around this time of the year even longer than th/ Jesus, Moses had the miracles happen & parted the Red Sea & escaped to the deserts of the Mid-East away from their oppressors. Spring starts around now & organic life acts out again. The name of Easter comes from the name of some pagan goddess, the minister from my church sd. I think he further sd th/ the goddess had something to do w/ hope & life moving or something like th/ (please correct me if I err).

I liked it. After this sermon, I think I'll put Easter up there w/ New Years for one of my favorite holidays. I like new beginnings.

The sermon also has inspired me to accept a lot in my life. I want to direct my life to inspire & reinvigorate the hope people have for their authentic & sincere goals, dreams, & visions th/ would obviously not cause unbalanced, unnatural, & evolution/growth-stumping violence. I will seek out to fulfill this lot of mine, even past my death through the things I leave behind.

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