Monday, March 18, 2002

Have a Let Down

I'm figuring th/ if you read the entry from yesterday, you're expecting some great story abt my writing delinquency -- even moreso b/c I made th/ entry yesterday encouraging you to wait for today to read abt the things th/ have happened to me over the weekend.

Well. . .bugger me! I plan on writing abt the weekend, but I won't make any promises abt the thoroughness or even the completeness of the following recounting. In the past w/ my personal journal, I've tried to write down crazy adventures th/ spanned a cpl days or just a little over the weekend. It got really annoying. As I wrote, I had newer adventures to write down, & so I started having a crazy backlog wh/ I felt obligated to minimize. Aft pressuring myself for awhile to catch up w/ my journal & recounting events in my life, I found myself getting all stressed abt not getting it all down, losing detail, etc. etc.

One day while trying to get it all down in my journal, I pretty much sd screw it & stopped. Sometimes I continued old entries into a newer entry, resumed a story, & so forth. I didn't make myself feel obligated to do it, though. I pretty much just did it if I actually wanted to address the situation @ the time of the writing, not b/c of some compulsion.

So a caveat: I might not finish the story.

Stress + Busyness + Not Enough Sleep + Germs = Sick

So the above stuff abt feeling obligated to do things & getting stressed over not getting to do it creates a good segueway to talking abt my half-day nap. The short works like this: By 1 PM @ work, my tired feeling & sore throat & sinus malfunctions had reached a point th/ I just plain had to go home & take off the rest of the day. I got home @ a. 1:30 & slept till abt 9ish -- when I took a 2 hr break from sleeping -- then till abt 4:30ish when my weekend visitor arrived & laid down to sleep on the new extra mattress (wh/ I put on my two other futons) then pretty much finally got up @ 7ish on Fri.

On the way home, I did some reprogramming. I knew th/ I didn't get enough sleep. I had also already realized th/ I focused too much on getting things done all the while picking up new things to do. I wouldn't let myself have nothing to do & simply rest. On th/ half-hour walk, I made the resolution for at least until the next morning, I would do nothing & not think abt having to do stuff. I further then decided th/ I would 3 more things: set aside a good amount of time during the week to simply rest, work on getting more sleep @ night, & also to manage my tasks in a bttr fashion so as not to overburden myself. I'll have to see what happens when I make these kind of changes in my life. But I guess this kind of thing acts as just another balance th/ needs to get struck for a fulfilling life.

& a related health fact th/ I read in a free holistic/spiritual magazine th/ gets distributed around the Cambridge/Boston area: not getting enough sleep @ night contributes to the onset of Type II or adult-onset diabetes. Th/ fact alone struck enough fear in me last night th/ I stopped myself from working on another task of mine & worked on getting to bed @ a good time so as to get 7 or 8 hrs of sleep.

The End -- For Now. . .

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