Sunday, March 10, 2002

Beautiful Day

A friend & I enjoyed the weather so much that we decided to take an adventure to Hyannis, down in the Cape. Nothing too exciting, really. About an 1-1/2 hr drive from the Boston area to Hyannis. There we checked out the sun setting into some clouds over the ocean, a store dedicated to cat paraphenilia (they even had three extremely cute cats wandering around the store & planting their butts on such cute places such as in baskets & on a rocking chair near the front door), then tried to eat @ the Olive Garden but decided not to wait the 1-1/2 wait for table, so we had a drink & ate @ Pizzeria Uno's, instead.

Again, nothing too exciting except for 2 things. First, I think my friend & I had proved th/ we had mended some fences aft a disagreement & th/ we had the will & ability to bond well. Also I really enjoyed getting away from the Boston area & any connection to my normal life. It felt so relaxing to just spontaneously get in a car & head off somewhere where I haven't been for awhile or haven't ever been. I guess the trip gave me the chance to get away from everyday reality & essentially forget abt it. I could focus on enjoying life & thinking abt life, how I percieve it, things th/ trouble me, listening to someone else talk abt stuff, & I can't even think of the opportunities given to me by taking this day trip. I feel damn good abt taking it!

Still Mistakes & Annoying Things Happen

I bought my groceries for the week. I pretty much sucked away all my money except for rent & a little of other things. If I want to continue eating the way I want, live the way I want, pay back some debt, & maybe even save up some cash, I will have to get a bttr paying job. Th/ prospect sucks, too, b/c despite the repitiveness of my current job, I like the people there & don't want to fell as if I have let them down. =(

I called one of my credit card companies to hopefully request a credit line increase so I can get a plane ticket to attend my aunt's wedding. The customer service agent sd th/ they don't allow clients to request credit line increases. The company does regular reviews blah blah to see if the client can get a credit line.

Things sounded OK & well grounded. Then the annoying thing happened, wh/ I might have made a mistake of accepting. The customer service agent converted the call into a sales call. She went off abt this travelling service. I listened for awhile, but you know. . .a person reading off from a computer screen abt all the benefits th/ I get from some service gets really annoying. I stopped listening to her & decided to ask for some paperwork or whatever. Then I heard something abt a 30-day free trial period then a further 30-day period in wh/ I could cancel aft they charge me. I initially refused, but then she went on blah blahing abt it being free & such. So I just accepted it to get off the phone, so she had to go into all these asking me questions & recording it. I asked something once to make sure everything sounded good & consistent, wh/ it sounded the latter. But I don't know. . .I'll get paperwork & a 30-day free trial of some service wh/ I didn't bother hearing abt. . .I feel as if I acted like a stooge.

But I really want to see my aunt get wed, so I'll have to call my other credit card to see if I can get an increase. I remember hearing an option on their customer service menu, so maybe they'll help me good. & if they try to sell me anything. . .!


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