Friday, March 29, 2002

Good News

I have solved a big problem th/ had cropped up this week! The whole matter had really gotten me down. Bit I figured out a solution. Yay!

The problem had gone something like this: B/f today, I couldn't afford living in my apartment. I could pay the rent & buy food, but I just didn't make enough to also for the utilities. Thanks to the charity of my roommate, however, I've pulled through the last six months or so w/o any real problems. No problems EXCEPT for a mounting debt th/ I owe my roommate wh/ now amounts to a little over $600. Frost th/ debt w/ the near $10,000 I owe my parents as they payed for nearly everything up until they decided to not pay for anything anymore, I have mounted quite an ugly deficit.

Essentially I have faced the reality of all that stuff this week. Reality showed its ugly head when I decided that I wanted to move out to a very much less expensive place so as to finally get month-to-month financial self sufficiency for myself. So when I looked @ an apartment, I asked how much utilities cost, & the landlord gave me an ugly yet true answer -- abt $300/month. Now I wonder how I kept down that debt I accrued w/ my roommate. Anyway, so I got thinking & thinking & thinking & thinking, trying to find an answer to financial woes & a way to make the move to a new place while also having a lease in my old place. Until today, everything came to either null or drew a simply ugly end th/ I didn't want to touch.

& then, this morning, it came to me. For next six months or so, I'd take an afternoon off at my current FT job & give 3 shifts @ 5 hrs each to an old job th/ I had sometime in the past & to tell the truth, had hoped to never see again. But hey, it'll save me some money, allow me to move from one apt to another, pay rent for the old apt, & eventually pay off a whole lot of my minor debt. I look forward to that day. =)

But now back to work.

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