Friday, March 22, 2002

An Update or Why I Haven't Written in the Past Cpl Days

They moved me from one desk to another at work, yet again. Now, the move didn't take a cpl days. I just haven't had a good Internet connection @ my workstation. Or rather, I have a good connection. I simply shouldn't use it. Soon as I sat down in my new chair, my associate told me not to use the Internet b/c this computer only has 1st edition Windows 98. For those who don't know (wh/ included me up until this move), the 1st edition of Windows 98 doesn't have good security features. This lack means that by browsing the Web, I may allow for the security of the server and network in this office building to get compromised.

Anyone else going "wow"? Maybe I just don't know crap abt networks & computers, but it all sounds crazy & paranoid to me. I guess I can understand how this computer could receive cookies or send information to other computers upon request in a much less discriminatory than computers w/ other OSes out there. But still, wow! What kind of information does this computer have that could potentially compromise the security of every other computer in the building, most especially the server that administrates the whole system?

Someday I want to take a class or something. Maybe I should continue the occasional studying of UNIX th/ I've done in the past. That knowledge could potentially fill me in on this kind of fascinating thing. I remember once @ college, this kid sitting next to me in the computer lab had signed into the school's server, typed in a command, thusly jamming my computer from doing anything, including moving the cursor w/ the mouse or anything so simple. I WANT TO KNOW HOW THIS STUFF HAPPENS! Not so I can do it, but so I can plainly know how the things behind the scenes happen.

Guess I just have an inquiring mind th/ likes to know stuff.

And to Continue My Thought Process from a Couple Days Ago

Since I don't have an incredible amt of time @ the moment, it might prove more beneficial to present somewhat of a preview of things to come. I have a friend who wants to start an intentional community somewhere in the Northeast w/ a central concept of sustainable farming. Aft hearing him & other people talk abt meetings they have had to discuss the plan & the ideas @ hand, my interest got piqued. I'm working on a thesis abt dystopian literature & utopian/intentional communities, aft all.

So this past Sunday I attended a meeting w/ the intention of observing & throwing out some ideas if I believe them relevant. I found it utterly fascinating & inspiring! These people have come together, plan on putting their heads together, & have the intention to building a community not just in the sense of having social bonds w/ each other but also by creating the physical space to spend a lot of time together th/ will help them make the community stronger on so many levels. W/ my limited time, I can't get into the hows & such now.

Suffice to say, I want to help this community come together & manifest itself physically. I may also want to take part in it once it essentially becomes realized. I find it really energizing, inspiring; & I want to put some of my own energies into it for its success.

@ the end of Sunday's meeting, we decided to give ourselves some homework to do for the next meeting. We assigned ourselves the task of figuring out what we, individuals envision as community & what we want from a community. W/ these individual pictures, we plan on smooshing them together into an amalgamation of a collective vision. I plan on using this here BLOG to work on this homework & figure out my own beliefs & desires abt community. It will get exciting, & I think you'll find it interesting.

For Now, Though, I Have to Get Back to Work

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