Sunday, March 24, 2002

So I Go Another Night. . .

W/o out the energy &/or motivation to write anything truly meaningful. I did have an adventerous evening, though, meeting up w/ a friend for a quick drink then having a convergence of events whence I met up w/ another friend whom we had made 1/2 plans to move a filing cabinet @ the very same bar where the other friend & I had gone for our drinks. All by crazy coincidence, too!

But I just saw this crazy British movie called something like Vacuuming Nude in Paradise. Only British writers could come up w/ this crazy "for mature audiences" modernization of Death of the Salesmen & refer to the verysame play in the movie. It gave me th/ "happy to have my life & there's more important things in this here life than romantic love." Honestly, I like th/ feeling.

& so w/ this epiphany I advance toward bed.

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