Friday, April 05, 2002

Peace Again Thx to V-B12

Well aft 2 wks or so, I've returned to some semblance of sanity. Started w/ my whole desire to move to a cheaper place, getting an xtra job, changing jobs, communicating w/ the old jobs so as to make the transition to the new job w/o too much of a hitch sometime next wk or the wk aft, & a bit of a physiological chemical imbalance.

To all you vegans & fruitarians out there, prepare yourself & act carefully when not taking vitamin B12. Every time I've stopped in the past, I've lost it. I read something this morning abt mushrooms having a good amt of vitamin, but I seem to remember mention of needing manure to fertilize the mushrooms or maybe it had something to do w/ people in 3rd-world countries had bttr levels of V-B12 b/c they didn't wash their foods as well & most of their foods grew out of manure. Anyway I plan on going on a steady diet of mushrooms again then when I feel confident enough & have some free time or something, I'll teeter off of the V-B12 supplements for awhile to see if mushrooms have enough V-B12 in them.

Nonetheless if any other vegans or fruitarians have tips abt V-B12 or know more abt V-B12 than what I mentioned above & the common knowledge th/ everyone essentially needs V-B12 to avoid anemia, stay sane, reduce chances for heart problems, etc., please contact me, & we'll discuss. I would very much appreciate it.

Four minutes left to my lunch break. Make th/ 3. I want to do something b/f going on the clock agn. More later.

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