Sunday, March 03, 2002

Something Wh/ I Should Have Realized & Accepted

I worried a bit abt not having anything to write tonight, then something popped into my head. I'd write abt something th/ happened & how fascinating it strikes me th/ the other person involved in this story could very well see my writing & commenting abt it. See, this girl comes from England & has the name of Angelea.

Angelea came over to study @ my college for a semester. We had become something th/ touches upon friendship. I can't really come up w/ any way to describe how we interacted w/ each other. The main reason I can't think of a label of our interactions comes from what happened during our last ever interaction. It got a bit ugly in a silly, nationalistic way.

It happened during the last cpl days @ school. She would go back to England & graduate. I had another semester @ th/ school, but I would enter as a 3rd semester senior, or in more friendly terms, a "Super Senior." I still haven't graduated, but I have determination. The bits abt me don't matter too much to this story. It just makes a good backstory.

Anyway she did something stupid @ the end of the semester th/ I won't dislose here for the sake th/ no one really needs to know abt it. Suffice to say the rest of campus found out abt the stupid incident & didn't find any reason not to take cheap shots @ the girl. Me? I felt sorry for the girl b/c her stupid incident had gotten her injured. Up until this incident, I treated her like I always had & tried doing thing for her to make her feel bttr.

Nonetheless, in one instant she decided to take out all the bitterness she had fostered against the people who decided to take cheap shots @ her. It came from a conscious decision on my part to use the phrase 'What's up?' as a greeting. Everybody else did it, especially this one guy who I saw as the life of the party most of the time. I wanted people to like me, so I did it.

So in the dining hall @ some meal, I sd 'What's up?' to her. She snapped at me something abt th/ greeting & hating th/ Americans used it as a greeting so much. I don't know how or why, but I suddenly made a connection b/w her stupid action & her arrogance @ criticizing me for my greeting. Feeling a bit pissed off, I sd, "Hey, you came to America by your free will. We act the way we want in our country. Just accept it," but I think it came out cooler than what I just wrote above.

Looking back on th/ now, I guess it sounds a bit arrogant on my end. Tell the truth, I had never acted as nationalistically b/f or aft then. I don't know really what to think abt th/ story except th/ I felt righteous telling this girl off as I did, & th/ I find it kind of funny th/ I had any kind of altercation w/ someone from England & th/ she could read what I have just written anytime she wanted if she knew abt my having written it.

The Internet has the capabilities to do such amazing things. . ..

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