Saturday, October 01, 2005

Readers, meet Procrastination. Procrastination, meet Readers.

Well, I have gone and done some creative procrastination. Instead of revising the resume given to me by the Career Counselor then finding places to post it, organizations to send it or people to give it, I posted photos of myself (and many with my Girl) and added an entry to my profile. I even have a rationalization for updating the profile and not getting to work stuff. It will possibly help me to network for information interviews and possible future jobs. If that doesn't work as a rationalization, working on the profile will give me some practice to talking about myself and making up profiles for when I do make them for professional networking sites.

As something exciting and not anything to do with procrastinating, AT ALL, I proposed to the Girl last week, on Friday. I didn't post this news up here until now because we wanted to get a bunch of people together then announce it to them (after announcing my impregnation by the aliens that abducted me). We got them together last night at a sushi place in Kenmore, made the announcement then headed over to the theater to see Serenity (Warning: Spoiler plot lay out at the end, even though I don't think it tells a lot of the important stuff). Not necessarily an original movie, but well executed and not what I expected. Harsher in parts. Looking forward to the other two movies that have been contracted, which I bet that the studio, of course, has some kind of clause to get out of it if they want. If you haven't seen it, I tell you, go now.

But yeah. . .last week, I proposed to the Girl the day that I got the antique ring in Chicago, even though it's a couple sizes too big for her. We plan on getting it re-sized. It happened the day after I got in on the plane. After breakfast, I told her that she should go out and get something pretty to wear for our date that night to celebrate our three years together. . .great distraction for me to go on down to the antique store where she had seen the ring that she wanted a couple months ago during our last trip in Chicago then the day before I got into the city this time. She had even gotten all the information, including the invoice number, from the owner of the store. So I got it then met up with her at the hotel room, after worrying a whole bunch about how I would hide both the ring and the appraisal until the right time (don't worry. . .I just got to the hotel room before her, put the ring in the pocket of the pants I would wear that night then never revealed it until the right time).

We went out for her very delicacy, Ethiopian food then made out way to the Hancock Building to have cocktails in the lounge on top. I originally wanted to pop the question on a horse drawn carriage because she kept on talking about wanting to take a carriage ride. It had gotten too cold in the city. Also, unfortunately, I had hope it would happen on our first ever carriage ride, but we had taken our first ever carriage ride in Quebec City a couple months ago. I then planned on posing the question at the top of the Hancock Building, but I felt that we had too many people around and had too much noise. In the end, I sat her down on the stone bench near the fountain at the bottom of the Building, kneeled down on one knee, took out the ring and SHE POUNCED ON ME! I had to sit her down and tell her that I needed to make a speech. I didn't make much of one. . .I didn't really prepapre one. . .didn't make notes or anything. I just went over a bunch of things that I said that night under the auspices of reminiscing over the three years our relationship, embelished a little more on those things, emphasized my love for her then popped the question. She said yes, and everything has pretty much felt happy and jokingly since then.

I feel like we've reinvigorated the relationship and strengthened it. We've entered another honeymoon stage. It feels great! I didn't know this new honeymoon stage would hit. I just really wanted to cement our bond and show the world our love for each other. I'm not complaining, I'm just pleasantly surprised.

Today, saw The Corpse Bridge today after attending the Wizard World comic convention at the Bayside Expo Center. Tiring, all this running about, but heard an interesting panel discussion about mortality in comics, got a whole bunch of Saviors of Kamigawa Magic cards for a pretty good price and got some good graphic novels. Also ran into someone we hadn't seen awhile and need to e-mail. . .remember, must e-mail. . .. I found The Corpse Bride pretty cute, even if I, of all people, could predict how it would go. Enjoyable. . .even if fundamentalist conservative Christians might get all up in arms about the concept of a living man accidently marrying a dead woman then-- you'll have to see the movie to see. . .but, of course, as we all know. . .those conservative types rarely do see the movies that they protest and make a big hubbub about in the first place.

On that topic: Who's afraid of freedom and tolerance? Why are fundamentalists so frightened by liberal family values? A look at competing worldviews. By Doug Muder, a great article for liberals to understand a little bit more about the reasons behind conservatives arguing that same-sex marriage will destroy the meaning of marriage. After reading the article, I can see, even if I disagree with, the conservative viewpoint. I remember hearing somewhere that seeing and understanding is the first step to working out things. I think that little saying means a lot and works as a good start.

Otherwise, I've had an interesting time over the last couple of days trying to cope with thinking of myself as ADHD-I. I haven't really tried to act so socially as I've done in the past. At the same time, I haven't felt that I've missed out so much on interacting with the people around me so much either. I don't think the "condition," itself, has caused my current lack of socializing, but rather the thinking of myself as having this way of being. The thinking of it causes me to second guess the things around me, my thoughts and the things that have happened before. I have really come to the belief that this way of coping with something of a drastic way of thinking about myself is totally natural. It has just become something that I need to work through.

I looked forward to having a better handle on it and getting more involved with the people and my communities and networks more after going through the coping process.

For now, though, I really should get off the computer and on with my nightly rituals.

Goodnight, world!

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Shaw Israel Izikson said...

Corpse BRIDE dude. Dude...not Corpse Bridge.

Cuz you did your entry at 12:30am though I ain't gonna penalize you.

But when you said SHE POUNCED ON ME, that kinda made it sound like, um...well....

It's a good visual! Or maybe I'm just a perv...