Monday, October 31, 2005

Bad but Not Bad

Sometimes, I just don't know anymore. I have sooooo much on my plate, especially since it's almost the holiday season.

I wrote more paragraphs in my thesis and half organized my receipts to make them ready for another process. Both of these are good things to do.

But I should be working on the invite list to the engagement party, putting together a Christmas list and if anything. . .working on my job search marketing materials.

Instead, I watch a TV movie that we have on DVD. It was productive. . .I answered a question that had been hankering me a little bit over the weekend.

Then I played that Shareware poker game on my computer, which is supposed to distract me only temporarily and calm me, so I can write better. I wrote OK, but it took about two hours of playing and going through some frustrated bits and bad luck to feel good enough to write.


I guess there's always tomorrow.

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