Monday, October 17, 2005

Remember the Beginning of Organization

I can remember roundabout when I decided to bring more organization into my life. It happened probably around four years ago.

I had taken on a whole bunch of projects back then, too. My projects at the time:

* The thesis,

* Church projects,

* Trying to start up some sort of freelance organization coaching combined with copy editing,

* Trying to stay in touch with a whole bunch of people around the country,

* Trying to run a Blog,

* Trying to have a social life,

* Trying to get a girlfriend,

* Trying to journal,

* Trying to start a freelance writing career,

* Staying up to date on my finances,

* And the list probably goes on and on.

That's all of the list that I can think up at the moment.

I also did an organization exercise for all the goals that I had. I pretty much listed the goal, how to reach that goal then the resources that I had for the process and goal. After awhile, I figured out that I would be planning and organizing all these projects for a long time and not starting on any of them.

Long story short, the list had gotten so long and the goal organization exercises got so numerous that I decided that I needed to cut down my projects to a minimum and really focus on the things that were important to me.

I did that paring down then. Unfortunately, even though I accomplished a few of those goals, I still have done the hugest, most momentous one: the thesis. If I only could focus all my free time on it. . ..

Now, though, I've got this job search to do. I'm only in prep stage. I really don't need to go full hog until around February. Nonetheless, the fact that I'm not able to get to bed at a good time and getting frustrated by having all these things to do every night worries me.

I'm not really sure how I will handle it except plow into it.

Tomorrow, I have to dedicate the night to my finances.

Tuesday, though, and afterward, I will start doing some major editing on my marketing materials to make the templates for them sound like they come from me.

As I sometimes have to keep reminding myself, one step at a time.

One day at a time.

If only I could believe it at this time in my life. . ..

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