Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Doing Well

I've done well today. I have remained very cognizant.

I actually suspected that I might not. I thought maybe having an egg last night would trigger off crazy loopiness and extra inattentiveness. I read that eggs can do that to people with ADHD. I recently started eating eggs, and thought that might be the reason for my recent loopiness. I have no conclusive evidence showing the truth to that idea.

At work, I inadvertently came up with a solution for the issue that I indirectly addressed last night. It came to me quite inadvertently. I gave my opinion to a co-worker about how we should handle the situation.

After going back to my desk, my mind started looking at different aspects of that kind of insurance policy. The answer suddenly rushed into my head. Focus on the other aspects of the policy that the limit increase affects. Duh! Silly me!

I guess that route to the solution shows how our unconscious minds can reach a solution in the most indirect, lateral route.

I had a similar thing happen when I came home from work. I effectively procrastinated a little by working on a Magic deck (No, I will not reveal the details of my tweaking for the benefit of my opponents). I worked on it for probably about two and a half hours. Traditionally, I would say that I shouldn't have spent so much time on it.

I should have focused on my thesis, on my job search, on answering e-mails, etc. etc.

The funny thing, though, is that after spending a ton of time on deck arranging, I somehow just sat down and wrote a good paragraph for my thesis without stopping to think that much. I guess the idea about distracting your brain rather than working damned hard on solving or doing something cognitively really can help out a lot to accomplish that goal.

The indirectness really can get confusing, though. How do we figure out the line between procrastinating to put off something and procrastinating to allow the unconscious mind to think? Tonight, getting home from work, I did the whole thing spontaneously when I had plans to work studiously on my thesis and job hunt. I didn't mean to work so long on the Magic deck, but I just got carried away, and somehow. . .it worked out for my benefit.

Inadvertently having things work out as compared to playing Magic Friday night with intention of distracting my brain from all my frustrations. Then I feel like I waste away the weekend not doing much more than recovering from staying up late Friday and not getting much sleep over the week.

Go figure. . ..

I even started editing the resume that the career counsellor made up for me. Maybe I should have listened to other people. The grammar hurts. It has just a mass of adjectives and ideas all stuck together. It follows my old way of thinking at work. Too much information!

Oh well. . .it has a good base to it. I just need to work on it quite a bit before I feel confident about it and feel that it represents me and the way I want to present my writing.

I must be going, though. It's almost Wednesday, and I have TV to watch.

Argh. . .it never ends.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

How do we figure out the line between procrastinating to put off something and procrastinating to allow the unconscious mind to think?

There is no line...sometimes you have to let just what happens happen. Tthat plain and simple.

Sometimes you can just take things apart over and over again, and sometimes ya just gotta let it be.

And yes, grammar hurts. I should get a bumper sticker made up for the both of us saying that

Shaw Israel Izikson said...

the funny thing is, Jesse - and I just noticed this, you blog a lot about not getting stuff done, yet, you seem to be getting a lot done.

not saying that as a put down, just this weird thing i just noticed

The_Lex said...

Depends on your definition of getting stuff done.

As for the stuff on procrastination, I had a good idea about that answer. I probably was posing something of a rhetorical question. . .but if anyone knows how to tap into that creative procrastination, I'd love to hear about it.