Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another Weekend

Before going into anything much, check out The Roundtable of Strayz. A group of us have started up a discussion Blog. We haven't really found a focus or anything yet, but it has some good potential for some interesting discussion.

So another weekend has passed. Nothing much happened.

Went to an interesting dinner party with a bit of serious discussion about politics, philosophy and the dating game. Unfortunately, I had eaten the colossal breakfast at the Watertown diner that afternoon. I still had it in my belly at dinner. I feel very rude, especially since the hosts went out of their way to buy me a special meal of Ethiopian food. Hopefully the plum wine that I brought made up for it.

Almost made it up to Salem today for Halloween fun until someone threw up in a subway trash can. Honestly, not a huge loss for me. I didn't care too much about going. I really just went because I didn't want to give up a minisicule opportunity for fun. I ended up coming home to get a good amount of progress on projects.

At the end of the work week, I had started feeling generally tired and my belly felt generally weird. Not naseaous or anything. I just didn't care to eat. Friday night, I stayed in while the fiancee and some of her friends went out for some Halloween partying.

I finished up Asimov's Foundation and Earth. I actually finished it last night, but I read a huge chunk of it Friday. I think it rounded out the Robot, Empire and Foundation series (how can you pluralize the word series?). I read something of a review that many people thought it brought up to many questions. I honestly think that Asimov could have wrecked a good thing by stretching the whole thing any further.

I had a number of questions about the TV show, Babylon 5 after finishing Foundation and Earth. Not bad questions, just questions about the motivations of some of the Older Races. Both are good stuff, though.

Otherwise, I'm pretty frazzled. Tired.

Oh yeah. . .it snowed yesterday then had melted by this morning. While it snowed, a big branch above our driveway broke off and fell to the ground. Luckily, we could drive around it and head off to the dinner party.

I had an interesting together consolidating names, e-mail address and phone numbers of friends to invite to mine and the fiancee's engagement party and to give Christmas presents. It took me about an hour or so to list the names then find e-mail address for about 4/5 of the people. I figure this project will take me a small bit of time. If I haven't contacted you in awhile or know that I don't have your phone number, please get in touch with me to let me know both/either of them.

BTW, that shareware poker game I purchased over the Internet, possibly the best purchase I've made in awhile. It helps me to distract my brain from thinking about important projects. Or maybe I should say it distracts the conscious part of my brain, so I don't get anxious about a project and allow the unconscious side of my brain mix up the project thoughts with other thoughts or think about the project without straight lines and such. It helps a ton. . ..

But I'm feeling a little out of it with sleepiness. I should get to bed soon.


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