Monday, October 24, 2005

Good Monday, Yeah, You're a Good Monday

I haven't been getting the Mondays lately. At least, not today nor last week. I think I just feel great after having a good weekend of sleep, despite the feeling of not accomplishing anything.

The week runs me down because I don't get enough sleep. I just have way too much to do these days.

I probably would stay up until midnight then wake up at six every day of the week, anyway. I enjoy dreams and sleep. I just don't like waking up to face another weekday. Week nights work best for me because I get to experience freedom. Week days cage me in their monotony and duty.

If you can't tell, I feel a little poetic at the moment.

I'm also listening to the now defunct Boston band, Quickfix. They exhausted me with their non-stop energy with a couple dirges of melancholy.

But today. . .I fell into a little irony.

Before going deeper into this puddle of irony, I have more revelation for the week of depression. I have the feeling that it came from my desire for community. As much as I suck with the social thing, I love to be social. Ironic, yes, but not the irony that I fell into today. But back to revelation: I think I had those obsessive thoughts about those two people because of this feeling of alienation and my huge desire for socializing.

I'm getting closer in the story to my fall into an irony puddle. It's not a tragic fall. . .more of a comedic one.

Last week, while thinking over working better with clients and giving them a better impression of myself and the agency (and also to do the same with people I like and want around me more), I came to the conclusion that in person and over the phone interaction works SO MUCH BETTER than the whole e-mail and letter thing. I can react quicker. My earnestness comes across better. The client and the friend have contact with more of a human presence then some kind of contrived appeal to emotion or reason.

Client-wise, I have had mixed results. One of them I think is really too busy for phone conversations or meeting in person. I keep trying, though, and when that doesn't happen, I send an e-mail. They work with the combination, too.

Another customer couldn't come to the phone often, either, so I had to resort to e-mail. When they saw that I had assumed that we had to move quicker than we needed, though, they called (I told them that we should do the final deal over the phone), and we had a humorous and friendly conversation about the mixed messages, wanting to get it over with and about home buying. I rather enjoyed the conversation.

This other time, I had a pretty good time listening to a customer, thinking up of an answer, handling it quite reasonably and rationally, giving them an answer then cycling this process over and over again. I rather enjoyed the conversation instead of dealing through e-mail or through letters. Humanity and fun does get communicated moreso through our voices than through e-mail and letters. The utilitarian that I am, I never thought about it that way before.

So, if you didn't know, we haven't reached the puddle of irony yet. Just one more step. . .Aaaaaaauuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhhh!


I started playing phone tag with an old friend who I haven't had contact with for about three years and another close friend. The close friend and I have pretty much resolved our phone tag goals. The old friend and I caught each other at one point, but since he caught me on my commute home, I had to let him go, telling him that I'd call him back tomorrow.

The old friend and I had a good conversation, catching up and surprising each other a little. Maybe I should say that he surprised me since he diverged from the course I thought he would follow. We haven't really caught up, though, so we'll have plenty to address when I call him next and the next time we meet up.

OK. The irony hasn't developed, even though I smashed my nose into the puddle. It needed time to develop. Annnnnnnddddddd the irony.............

Two friends I hadn't from for at least a month e-mailed me. One of them to invite me over for some poker and another to continue correspondence that got discontinued because his mail server kept on rejecting my e-mails.

Well, it's exciting to me. I feel darned frustrated and depressed last week because I don't feel like I've engaged in any good socialization for a long except with my girlfriend. I come up with some plans for becoming more social (including attending a men's discussion group at my old church). All this thinking, sadness and planning, then people from the past come out of the wood work to get back in touch with me.

Yeah, I'm happy.

Now to stay engaged, fully engaged. . .while still getting stuff done. We'll have to see how much I can do. . .

Especially with my move to Chicago in 5 to 6 months.


Yes, I'm feeling a little kooky. It's fun, though. Try it sometime.

Until the next time. . .farewell.

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