Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Shouldn't Have Done It

Like I said, I shouldn't have downloaded then bought a shareware texas holdem game for my computer.

Probably better that I just bought a game rather than play online, as I originally thought about doing. This way, I still waste time. I just don't end up losing money on gambling.

Tomorrow night, though, I have plans to gamble with some folks at a friend's apartment. We all should have a fun time.

The prospect of it has inconveniently thrust me into hyper focusing on learning better strategies than I had back when a bunch of us played weekly or bi-weekly or once a month. I probably broke even. After reading this strategy page to brush up on rules and such, though, I just really got into wanting to play better rather than just going with my gut (you know, like Steven Colbert on the Colbert Report. . .).

On the flipside, I wrote nearly a half page for my thesis with minimum thought. It worked somewhat the same way that I wrote a bunch after working on that Magic: The Gathering deck last week. Unfortunately, I worked on that deck for three hours and probably played computer poker for two to three hours today.

I couldn't get to a bunch of other stuff that I would have liked to do, like work on my resume, cover letter and that kind of stuff. I could just have a certain perspective on it, but 5 to 6 months with a bunch of holidays in the middle doesn't really feel like a long time.

Ah well. . .I am willing to attribute this whole phenomenon to possible ADHD, which leads me to my next topic.

Today, I got a call back from an off site department of Mass General Hospital. I think I mentioned last week the commercial I heard about MGH looking for people with ADHD to study. From what I gathered, they would do an evaluation of you for free. Sounds good for me.

The guy there explained to me a little about the ADHD study department and how they have a bunch of studies to do that can also help out the subjects. We scheduled a 20-minute phone screen tomorrow at around one. I'll have to get away from work and give up some lunch time to do it, but if I do have ADHD, I think addressing this matter without spending my money will prove quite beneficial.

As for now, though, my mind won't let me concentrate too well. It's time to settle down a little with the fiancee and watch some Daily Show and the Colbert Report (pronounce without the T, like they do in French).

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