Thursday, September 29, 2005

Weird mood

I can't say that I have the right frame of mind for an entry, but today I have found out a little about how my writing habits work, kinda. See. . .I learned a little bit more about ADHD-Inattentive style. In case you don't know what that means, my cognition doesn't really work like most "average" people. I have to rev up my brain a little and until it gets revved up, I have a hard time following the course of a conversation, reading a book, writing something a little more formal, etc. etc. I usually end up excited and revved up in an intense discussion or planning session when everyone has gotten tired and can't think anymore. I still have a good deal of intelligence. . .it just works different than most people's. Whereas a lot of people can kind of work from the general and rote, my mind works more with logical paths. Not sure how to necessarily explain it since I've just really started learning about it, but I think it has its frustrations and its advantages. I also have a feeling that it has something to do with the communication issues that I've complained about.

Work today generally sucked, but it did lead me toward learning a little more about the ADHD-Inattentive stuff. Very stressful. Customers calling with crazy questions and situations that I hadn't thought about for awhile or ever really encountered before. What a flipside to the customer that surprisingly accepted something bad yesterday! On the bright side, though, I learned a couple new things. Stressful days like this one, though, sometimes bring me down a bit and make me question my worth as an employee somewhere else and my writing abilities. If anything, though, once I expel the stress and get back into my right mind, I realize that I have to learn more about the ADHD and the communication side of things so that I can learn some coping mechanisms, move on with my life and impress those future job interviewers.

Tonight, I really didn't do so much on the job search side of things. Took me awhile to sort through some personal e-mails so that my mailbox doesn't get way too filled up with news e-mails and Spam (hate the spam!). Read some postings on the Craigslist jobs newsgroup thingy then looked through a couple of the job categories for Chicago. I found some neat interesting prospect that look more up my alley than marketing, PR or even copy writing or copy editing. I then ended the night going onto Friendster, checking out who viewed my profile over the last month (kind of fun to see, especially when someone from high school does it) then worked a little on my profile. I figure that might open up my doors if, say, someone searching for applicants drops into my profile and sees that I have an interesting in the position or field. Not too productive, but it's a good start.

But woah! Lextopia has gotten a little happening, eh? A little bit of personal inter-Blog politics and a cool comment from someone by the name of Little Miss X to my entry for Sep 26: Narrowing Down My Complaints About Modernism. I enjoyed the entry and it brings up a couple of topics in my head: fandom, the Internet, Friendster, MySpace and all the other networking sites on the Internet.

Honestly, I have to admit that I have some of the most annoying correspondence from people in the past where they just stop keeping in contact with me. I don't know how much of it has to do with me (I honestly think that the ADHD-Inattentiveness might put people off a little because of my weird communicating skills, but then again, it might just be them), but it really annoys me.

I think Sci-Fi and comic fandom do a lot to create community, though, along with other interest groups. . .so, I guess, in many ways, we may form virtual communities more around interests these days. Then again, we also form a lot of communities around the workplace, like we've done in the past, but those communities don't necessarily last so long when we skip out on the job, even though I've made a couple of my best friends at a temp job that I had for a couple months.

But I guess some questions come around: Does the Internet help us form communities? How has it affected our community forming? Has there been any kind of relation between the corporate mobility of moving around every five years with the proliferation of the Internet and the way it allows for more communication? How does the Internet affect our relationship building with people, especially with e-mail as compared to face to face or over the phone communication (I've been hating the phone for awhile and really need to train myself to not hate it so much)? Just some questions to maybe get some thoughts going. Feel free to bring up some other thoughts or to react to other people's thoughts.

Night, folks!

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