Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Good Vacation

I've come back from vacation. The Fiancee said that I looked really relaxed, unlike she has seen me in a long time (if ever). We had a pretty good time, even with all the crazy rain.

We even had this experience with a group of people and a cop that reminded us of some high school party that got busted. On the way home today, we drove through a mountain state park in New Hampshire, and we came by this bridge over some white water rapids. After glimpsing to the side, I slammed on the brakes and pulled to the side. A bunch of other people had already perched on the bridge to watch. So we got up there then watched the rapids and watched these kayakers push out from shore then head on down under the bridge.

That was all fun and stuff, but we had to get on our way, and it seemed the other people on the bridge on the same idea as us. We all started walking back to our cars. All the sudden, this police car with his lights flashing races down the road then pulls up to our car, jumps out of the car, takes out his pad of tickets then starts writing next to our car. He walks to the front of the car, looks at the plate, starts writing. . ..

I hear someone say something like 'Let's get out of here before he writes us a ticket!'

The crowd of people start running to their cars. I don't think they have anything to worry about, but I notice that I hadn't pulled our car onto what looked like the parking area while everyone else did. I thought this guy was writing just us a ticket!

I run over to him and say, "Sorry about that. I thought I had pulled all the way up to the parking area." (or something like that.)

He says, "Don't you know there's no parking?"


Awkward silence.

"Didn't you read the sign?" He points over to a sign in front of the other cars.


"Why not?"

Awkward silence. "I didn't look."

"Didn't you see the ribbon." There was a ribbon. . .but it was right in front of the other cars, and they were parked on what looked like the dirt parking area.

Long awkward silence.

"Ehhh. . .Get out of here before I finish writing your ticket." He heads over to the other people and other cars.

The fiancee and I jump in then car then speed off at the speed limit.

Really kind of entertaining in that naughty kind of way.

Oh well. I'll try to get back into writing some more.

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