Monday, November 14, 2005

Silly E-Mail Conversation

Oth: "Fight for me and I will release you from this living death!! What say you?"
- Aragorn, in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

The_Lex: Uh. . .sure. I guess that sounds like an OK deal. Can you throw in eternal Paradise with that, too?

Oth: No, no paradise. Only freedom from living death.

The_Lex: There anything I can do for some paradise?

I can have my grunts make a lot of Sabson.

Oth: Is it Fair Trade Sabson?

The_Lex: Dude,

It's made by the living dead who have betrayed your ancestors. You're making us fight to free us from living death. Anything made by us is totally Fair Trade, especially if we're getting eternal paradise out of it.

Oth: Eternal paradise is overrated... not that I have any to give. Maybe the dwarf is right and I should just keep you around to do my bidding.

The_Lex: I guess we can just let the Dark Lord conquer you. Hardly makes a difference to us.

But how about virgins? We've heard they're pretty good to have in the afterlife.

Oth: First of all I AM THE DARK LORD!!! Therefore I can hardly conquer myself. As for the virgins you should have plenty of them because I sacrifice them (and goats) regularly.

The_Lex: Ahhhhhh. . .whatever. . .you're bluffing. I can see it in your face. We spit in your face.

But we'd like to get this whole living death thing out of the way. Show us who to fight and have an inspiring score going while we fight!

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