Saturday, November 05, 2005

Random Thoughts

* There's a lot of banks in a big city. It could be difficult to find one that fits my needs and tastes in Chicago. Possibly helpful that I've found only one so far that focuses on community investment and social responsibility, even though it disconcerts my overall morality.

* I find the whole liberals and liberal judges as "elitist" argument very annoying. The big hullabaloo focuses around these people being a part of the intelligentsia. The forces of the intelligentsia, which is supposedly decadent and without morals, centers around the Northeast and the liberal areas, most importantly places like Harvard, Yale and such.

To me, it sounds like a fight against business people and people with a humanist, liberal education. The business people, unfortunately, know marketing and can tap into some supposed moral rhetoric while the liberal humanists have something of a more complicated, if more in touch with reality argument.

This issue probably has a lot more to it, but I can't organize it yet nor do I have the understanding, knowledge or time do so as of yet.

* On a somewhat ironic twist, since I can't organize these more liberal humanist and possibly more scientific arguments that my intuition follows, the reasonable people on the Right make a lot more logical and consistent sense to me than those on the Left.

I find this situation disconcerting because intuitively, I don't like many of the conclusions the people on the Right make. Without more understanding, knowledge and time, though, I can't make any kind of commitment.

* Not having time makes it hard to get understanding and knowledge, which means I have a difficult time trying to find that meaning I want.

I need to open up more time for me to do so.

I don't know where to start to open up more of this time.


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