Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Complaint and More Dreams

I forgot to mention another issue that has gone wrong over the weekend. The water pressure in our unit has taken a nose dive. It hasn't completely disappeared but has become nearly useless. Taking a shower stinks. Washing the dishes would take forever. Shaving becomes even more of a hassle. I fear to wash the dishes or do the laundry.

I've gone over everything I know but can't figure out anything. Running the water over night, making sure the boiler water pressure remains good and that we keep the heat relatively high. Nothing really anything better.

We've e-mailed the landlord. If he doesn't get back to us by today, we'll give him a call.


Frantic Dreams Last Night

Two main plots run throughout the dreams last night. I owe someone about $241 or something, and I have to pay it through the Internet, but I can't figure out how and someone in Friendster or MySpace sends me a note about someone escaping or emerging with a power suit like the guy in Greatest American Hero, but I can't find anything more on the Internet about it. Then again, I have a hard time even remembering the code name given to the suit. . ..

In the meanwhile, I worry about waking up my parents since doing the research on this suit and trying to pay this supposed someone causes something of a racket, I stop a subway car by wrapping my arms around it, then a conductor on the platform yells at me to let it go and a whole bunch of other stuff that doesn't really come to mind all that easily at the moment.

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