Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Morning Blah

Last night, I went to an ADHD clinic. Kind of a strange experience. I hung out with this psychiatrist and talked about the cognitive things that annoy me. I even volunteered information.

I made an appointment to visit and have another evaluation with them in a couple weeks.

The doctor and research assistant talked a little bit while I waited in the waiting room. While listening carefully, I heard them say 'normal.' As much as being normal is nice, I'd like to have some way other than the sometimes insurmountable effort of working past massive procrastination pains and compulsive game play and calculating.

I guess we'll just have to see, though.

In other news, I got to bed late last night after doing the finances. They're turning out well, even though I wish they could accumulate faster and through work that I really enjoyed.

Speaking of work, in about a half hour, the fiancee and I will leave to head down to Plymouth. I've got an insurance class that goes from noon today to Friday with an optional test on Saturday. The test really won't help me much if I take it, unless I decide to stick with insurance. I really don't want to do so. . ..

Either which way, I don't know how reliable my Internet connection will be for the next couple days. Even so, with the studying and such, I don't know how reliably I'll write on this Blog and pay attention to my e-mail. Guess we'll just have to see.

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