Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pre-Cognition and Dream Logic

This morning, I had an interesting dream with a little bit of pre-cognition, or a somewhat likely coincidence with waking life.

In the dream, I kept hearing "To the Nth Degree" by Morning Wood. This morning, I flipped on the radio. Guess what was playing.

The rest of the dream was interesting, too. A hurricane struck my old hometown. The fiancee and I go to visit, for some reason, then find a mansion with a small party going on. Maybe not a mansion, but it has a nice pool. Mostly, fun stuff happens at the pool and getting along with people.

Then my alarm kept on going off in real life, and I kept hitting the snooze button. The morning turned into one of those alarm waking me up repeatedly then going back to the dream until I wake up mornings.

In the dream, the fiancee and I eventually have to leave. I also have a vivid memory of fooling around with the fiancee at the pool, but I won't get into it. . .nothing juicy. . .just nothing to share with the world. But anyway, I head on down to where the hosts had me put my jacket. . .somewhere in the finished basement. I remember going down earlier, but it's not an ad hoc dream memory. It really happened previously in the dream, and I remember it.

I think up an odd situation while retrieving my jacket. I dwell on why these people received my fiancee and me so easily when we showed up. They never knew us. We never knew them. We never knew someone else who knew the other group. They just accepted us.

Then, I come up with some scenario in which these people were vampires (maybe not very likely since I think the party happened in the day time) or they want to make us into beasts. They have kept feeding us. Now they want to seperate us so that they can finish the process.

And that's where the dream ends.

Sometimes I hate how incomplete dreams can be. . ..

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