Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Complain Again

I'm not too proud of myself. I spent three hours playing Magic with myself.

That's right! Three hours.

I will punish myself by not letting myself do anything else before going to bed. . .because then I'll feel plenty guilty.

In the past, I've gone through a pattern of feeling uninspired to do projects then onto not having the motivation to work on the project to growing frustration that I'm not motivated to do the project then eventually that frustration leads to working on the project with all earnestness.

Now's something of a different time. Nonetheless, I think I've entered that cycle again.


Slightly Inspiring

I want to start carrying around a poetry book and break it out every once in awhile to read. My listless lack of inspiration has plagued me through the days lately. I feel that the quick jab of poetry would kick start my brain.

While reading some haikus on the commute today, I thought it would be fun to just write haikus on this here Blog when I just have a non sequitur in mind.

And crap. . .just a second ago, I had something on my mind that I wanted to type. I've gone and forgot it.

I think that's a sign for me to get to bed.

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