Monday, November 07, 2005

Short on Inspiration

Today didn't really do much for me, even though I liked the entry I wrote this morning.

Otherwise, the highlight of my day came when I had some hot chocolate early in the morning and some chocolate pudding around about lunch time.

I also enjoy the pecks my fiancee and I shared.

Well, maybe I enjoyed finally releasing that urge to play test that Magic deck that I kept thinking about last night. It kicked ass.

For some perverted reason, I enjoyed spending fifteen minutes to a half hour trying to figure out that Arial Narrow with .5 pt spacing works best on my resume. As I told my friend, I'm an Arial Narrow man. I think that font expresses me quite well.

Low point of the day came at the end of the work day when I just wanted to leave. I got to hear someone's opinion about how if immigrants come to America, they should learn the language. I wonder, does that person know that America doesn't have an official national language.

In the long run, I feel like I accomplished a fair amount of stuff tonight, just not really much worth writing about, is all.

Oh well.

Maybe I can get more than six hours of sleep tonight! Woohoo!

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