Monday, September 12, 2005

Sleepy. . .

I should get to bed soon. Quite tired, after doing practically nothing this weekend except for watching TV and sleeping for about 24 hours. The foregone conclusion: I didn't have anything bothering me emotionally or my relations with other people or anything. I had just come down with something and wore myself out by getting only about five hours of sleep during most of the week, and sometimes less than that. Then on Friday, I stayed up until four in the morning playing Magic with a friend. Good fun, but I probably shouldn't have stayed up so late. . .not necessarily so good for the constitution.

On a good note, while not busy with sleeping, I finally got to watch the first season DVDs of The 4400. I liked it a lot. It kept me hooked, even if mostly just a couple moments at the end when one of the characters had an interesting dilemma that touched upon the moral and also the unsure. The show makes me think of a mix of Alias, Lost (the Girl had gotten that DVD set last week. . .much nicer on widescreen and also some fun extras about how they got the plane for the initial wreck, how they came up with the concept and got the writers and producers to put it together in a pretty short time and started watching some stuff about the casting that they did. . .pretty inspiring really. . .a couple years ago, I wanted to get into TV producing and/or writing; these extras kind of made me want to do it again), The X Files and The X-Men (Interesting article. . .never knew Magneto was a Holocaust survivor). The 4400 doesn't strike me as the most original show on television these days, but it sucked me in with an interesting plot that came as a mystery to me that didn't get answered until the end, even though it didn't surprise me. The drama worked for me, even though I expected a lot more culture shock from the people returned. One of them, gone only for three years or so and who is teenager, made a funny remark about it, something about someone gone for thirty or fifty years was catching up a lot better than him, who was only gone for three years. Too bad I watched the DVDs during the second season. I'd like to start TiVoing the second season, but I have the feeling that I'd get lost. It falls into the category of one of a serial show rather than a show that maintains an overarching semi-serial plot with a bunch of one-up episodes.

A couple weeks ago, I also finished Firefly. I would write more, but silly me. . .I went browsing around the Internet looking for stuff about Serenity, the movie based on the show, coming out at the end of the month. I've gotten pretty excited about the movie after watching the DVDs, even though I could've seen the movie months ago at a pre-screening that I a friend told me about and even bought me a ticket for it. . .but again, I had pushed myself too much that week and had tired myself. Now, I feel real silly for not making it to the movie. Oh well. . .I enjoy the excitement that I feel now for it.

I will go to bed soon, but I spent a short time trying to find the five or so clips of Alliance interviews of River Tam (kind of the main character. . .the Alliance government pretty much tricked her family to send her to them -- this is not a spoiler since the show pretty much tells you about it in the pilot or first couple episodes -- so that they could do experiments and "modify" her) while under their control. I found the second clip, and it is kinda creepy. Has anyone found the other four? If so, where can I find them?

But yeah. . .bed time. I should sleep before I get myself sick again. Silly me. . ..

And oh yeah. . .even though this shouldn't be an afterthought. . .we should all bow our heads for the tragedy that is 9/11.

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