Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Have to Make it Brief

First, an addition to last night's entry: I want to help create in our world a Culture of Awareness that leads to Good Action. I would much enjoy if this Blog became something of a Think Tank that doesn't do much more than think and discuss how to bring about that Culture of Awareness that leads to Good Action. People can discuss gathering together in grassroots groups and action and so forth, but I'd prefer that the lextopia remains a place, not a name for group action.

Beyond that, I had my last meeting with the Career Counsellor this evening. Pretty good session that helped me illuminate an issue or two about some lack in my communication skills that I can address with some work and practice. If anything, the work with this Career Counsellor has helped me a lot with working on my communicating skills because, in many ways, the two of us communicate in different ways and she knows what kind of communication will work in the professional workplace. I have the feeling that this kind of communication works in the world, as a whole, too. In some ways, as I heard on a show on NPR about the Catholics thinking about banning homosexuals from priesthood, I think this communication has many deficiencies when it comes to make a good, valid and sound argument based on reason. What can be done about it, though, other than trying to peck at it in ways that I hope to discover possibly some day.

After today, though, the job search in Chicago starts in earnest. I fear it somewhat. I have the feeling it will become one of my hardest challenges yet. It shold provide some interesting experiences. I bet I'll write a small bit here and there.

I rather enjoy that I plowed through and cleared about 450 e-mails from my e-mail program, sorting them, deleting them and replying to a couple of them. Stuff like e-mail, Blogging and other things on my mind will create another angle to the challenge that this job search will bring me.

I look forward to it. Bring it on!


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

The problem with good action is that, a lot of times, when folks get together, even for the best intentions, they always seem to fight bitterly about ideas

The_Lex said...

Well. . .another good reason that I don't want the Lextopia to become any kind of institution of direct action.

As for bitterness, if people find that cordial, cool. Otherwise, I would appreciate respect amongst the people involved.

Shaw Israel Izikson said...

well - I do too. And it's gotten to the point where I just can't hang out with folks who don't respect, at least, each other's opinion.

If they disagree, fine. But disrepsect, nope. Too much heartburn goes with that.