Friday, September 02, 2005

Going Over the Border

Finished up something of a rough week. Bosses had taken most of it off for vacation, so I got to deal with a bit of the rough stuff at work. I pretty much made it through, though, only downside parts happened before the week. . .not so bright things done to scare away good, honest clients. Feel bad about it, but nothing to be done about it. Have to move on with life and improve on my skills of delivering Value to the customer. Maybe they'll realize I'm not such a skeazy bastard that I mistakenly made myself out to be and come back. Having that happen would brighten me up a bit.

In about eight hours or so, the Girl and I hit the road for some adventure. Going on up to Quebec City to see some sights, have some good food and enjoy another mostly French-speaking city (where conceivably someone in a restaurant might not know English). I'll try to take some notes and make some entries during the visit, but I can't promise anything.

Have a good and safe Labor Day weekend!

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