Friday, September 16, 2005

Time Runs Out

D'oh! I spent the hours tonight looking through Magic cards in hopes of finding a general purpose card to fend off a friend's interesting strategy (and this card would have probably been generally useful. . .but I don't think such a card actually exists!), taking a nice hot bath then working on my finances.

I think the hot bath tonight and the other night have helped to relieve a bit of stress, even if I still have some trouble getting up in the morning. I haven't had such feelings of exhaustion throughout the day. Last night, while on Date Night with the girl at the Museum of Fine Arts, I had a real good time and laughed a lot. Hadn't done that in awhile. The other night, we even had some fun slapstick comedy situation that involved balancing and kinda falling into each other. Fun and spontaneous.

I had some weird dreams last night about situations and places I haven't experienced in awhile and people with whom I no longer interact. For those who know me and my vegan way of life, get a good laugh at this one: One of them took place at the old Wendy's where I worked, and I ordered a two 1/4 pounders that came with a small kid's burger each. Right after ordering them and having them on my tray, something seemed strange to me. After that, it took me a couple seconds to remember that I didn't eat MEAT!

In another dream, I strummed at this guitar while Bono from U2 sang some song. . .but I didn't know what I was doing then someone who I had hung out with a lot came into the scene and played guitar. For some reason, I knew that Bono favored me more, but I just kept on thinking about how I didn't how to strum at a guitar and that maybe I didn't have an amp hooked up to the guitar or something.

Today, I kept on thinking my consumption patterns and how I felt guilty about them. Nothing specific. . .just thinking about the "hidden costs" of paper plates and paper towels over that of a ceramic plate or cloth towel. I don't really have the energy to address it now. Maybe later.

Now, though, I need to gallavant around the Web to find a gift for someone.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

somethin' about fast food resturaunts and nightmares lately...

The_Lex said...

How do you mean? I haven't heard anyone else complain about fast food restaurant nightmares.