Sunday, September 04, 2005

This Blog Entry Comes from Quebec

I do not have much time. This Internet station in a currency exchange unit ends in something like three or five minutes. The keyboard looks all weird and does not give me the punctuation that I want, so I cannot contract words properly. The lack of contraction annoys me.

Briefly: We made it safely after a long long six drive. Ugh. We have done a lot of walking, and I mean a lot. Last night, I fell asleep soon as my head hit the pillow from walking around so much. We walked all day from 10 to 6ish then went out for a romantic dinner.

Today, we road our bikes around a bit along the Saint Lawrence (or Saint Laurent) river to Old Town, where we ran through Old Town to reach the comic store I bought a Robert Heinlein book from about five years ago. I wanted to get French language Magic cards, but they did not have any, so the store owner told me the location of a gaming store called Dunjon (french for Dungeon) around the neighborhood of the bread and breakfast at which we have been staying. Found Magic cards, but nothing in French. =( I did give a Babylon 5: Call to Arms board game of space battles and campaigning. Sounded kind of fun but the price tag looked a little steep when I am not sure if I know anyone who would play with me. The Girl got a nice tea set of a Japanese tea pot and four cups.

Tonight, we came back to Old Town, walking down a road that they close off at night, bars and restaurants serve people out on the road and stores sell their wares on the streets. I got some new sunglasses. We also got some chocolate that we have not bitten into yet. Mmmmmmm. . .. Ate at this vegetarian buffet place, I think it is called Camesole, that is a chain in Quebec. Pretty good stuff. After that, we came into Old Town and hooked up with a horse drawn carriage ride, who brought us around the sites, Parliament, the Plains of Abraham, the Prison where they had Sunday hangings, the oldest building in Quebec, a tree with a cannon ball beneath some roots that grew over it, City Hall, the Citadel, etc. etc. Lots of fun and very good tour guide. He inspired me to take horse drawn carriage rides in every city the first night to get a good lay of the land and the impression of a native. He also gave us some good tips on some night spots.

Time to go, though. Getting late, and we still have not finished our night. We want to walk around a little more, get some pictures of the Levis across the St. Laurent with all the lights. . .oh yeah, the oil refinery over there or whatever it is. . .something to do with energy. Then we want to stop in on a jazz bar, supposedly the best one in Quebec. Tomorrow, after some breakfast and possibly a little more touring around, time for another six or seven hour drive back home to Boston, something to which I do not look forward, but we have to do it. Oh well.

Anyway, if you cannot tell, having a great time in Quebec City. I will have at least one interesting story to write about that has inspired some thinking (dang! thinking again. . .why must I do it. . .cannot even make a question mark because of this weird Quebecois keyboard!). But yeah. . .more later! Hope everyone else has been having a fabulous time this weekend, too!


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

Watch out for that border - its killer.

Have you listened to Qubecian radio yet? Its wacky...all these ads for sausage houses.

The_Lex said...

You can understand what they're saying?