Monday, April 16, 2007

Kinda Sad but Excited

This evening hasn't turned out bad for my first day off from studying. I wrote two more pages in my short story, which I hope to have a draft done soon. This one has started feeling like an albatross, even though I enjoy the story. It just feels like it has taken a lot of writing to reaching my current point and it will take a bit more to reach the conclusion.

At least I don't have to study anymore.

Just a couple other notes:

Lately, I've found after cleaning up my desktop of adware, loose ends in the registry and the hard drive, the World-Wide Web needs a little patience and cajoling before it comes up to speed. The most recent time has come as a surprise, since I turned off the Windows Firewall (have a router, so it takes care of the firewall duties). I think everything has returned to normal, though. Maybe it just needs a reset to do some further clean up processes.

And just as a way to garner attention from a certain group of my audience: Heroes comes back next week. Yay! Woohoo!

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