Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ballsy Heroes

You have to really give the writers for Heroes a lot of credit. Catch up on show through streaming video and the online novel. Our heroes have really been put into a corner, of which I have a hard time seeing a solution. Whether the time line goes the way they've shown us already or the heroes stop the explosion, these writers really have balls.

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Kasia said...

yes, they do! it's the best show on tv bar none and i'm sad that next year's season will be with an entirely (or mostly) new cast of heroes. i'm quite attached to all of the ones now. of course i haven't read into it much and i'm sure there are theories/leaks about next season somewhere on the net but my personal best guess would be that they are going to go back in time and do the story of the heroes that came before (they are even leading up to it having linderman and petrelli's mother talk about how they regret their decisions blah blah blah and neither character has unveiled their power YET on this season & that's inc. hiro's dad who we presume also has them) so don't you think that's what they'll do, too?

man -- that show is the only reason i actually like mondays. only a couple more weeks, though and back to hating them.