Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gamy Social Media

This link goes out to the gamers:

Nearby Gamers

The site has really just started out but already has a fair amount of people signed up to it, from all around the world but I think mostly in the Midwest. It has this general idea: gamers sometimes have a pretty hard time finding each other. I'm a pretty good example, having just moved to the Midwest. With Nearby Gamers, they can have an easier time searching each other out and actually playing, rather than complain about the scarcity of gamers in the area.

And like MySpace, Friendster, blogs, forums and all the other types of social media, this site gets better with the more people that sign up and get involved.

I've signed up, myself, but unfortunately haven't had the time or explore it to any worthwhile extent. Writing, work, thinking, chores and other work-vocation-life balance issues keep getting in my way, sadly. I initially have some criticims about the user interface, but I often find myself in the minority when it comes to this type of matter and also haven't take the time to articulate the thoughts and reactions.

In conclusion, if you game (from sports to board to card to RPG), go to Nearby Gamers.


google said...

Mail me your criticisms. I'm working on graphic design and UI stuff for NG right now, I'd like to hear anything you think I should take into account.

Peter said...

I don't know why that comment doesn't have my name on it, but this is Peter Harkins, I run NearbyGamers.