Thursday, April 26, 2007

Student Charged with Misdemeanor for Doing School Assignment

Not only is this student having his first amendment rights trampled on, he's gotten in trouble for doing a class assignment, and doing it really well:

Massacre Fallout: Charges for Essay
High school teacher 'disturbed' by violent content of assignment

Burn the witch! Burn the witch! Burn the witch!

And to think, at the same time, people can get away with domestic abuse but a high school kid gets charged with writing a story so well it accomplishes its intent, eliciting emotion. Has anyone ever heard of social services and counseling?

What is our country coming to?

Personally, I think this kid and his family should sue every party that's responsible for this charge. They should take it up to the Federal Supreme Court, if they need to do so. The kid is being punished unconstitutionally.

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