Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Tech Geek Research

This link doesn't hit upon the area that has given me some anxiety, but I probably will have to address it a little while writing the novel:

Shirkey -- Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links and Tags

And the reaction to it that I e-mailed the person who told me about this paper:

Other than taking issue with the philosophical definition for ontology put forward, I think I'm pretty much sold. . .especially after reflecting on trying both ontological and Google/Amazon research on the topic for my bachelors thesis. Through ontological searches, didn't really find anything. Through Google/Amazon, it took me years, but I found worthwhile Webpages and information.

Only argument I could still make for hierarchy is mainly for newbies and casual users of a Website. . .I think hierarchy probably works best for newbies because they don't necessarily know how to think about something and want guidance and for casual users because they don't necessarily know what they're looking for, but they'd like something that will help them pass the time. . .at least, that's how I am as a casual user of anything.

Interesting how the ontology article pretty much takes the opposite stance, but I can appreciate that stance for someone who's set on reaching a certain point. For someone who's just looking around or doesn't have much context for something, then I think hierarchy works, mainly for grounding them into a "culture."

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