Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some Chicago Movie News (for those outside the city)

From what I heard on the radio, The Dark Knight will do five days of filming here in Chicago next week, head on over to London then come back here. . .I think in June.

EDIT ON BATMAN: The Morning Show on Q101 FM, says the movie people are doing exterior work (and other things?) until Tuesday then heading to London.

And, according to Entertainment Weekly, [Eric] Bana, [Rachel] McAdams Tapped for 'Time Traveler's Wife.'

For those who haven't heard this story a million times, a friend of mine gave me The Time Traveler's Wife, the novel, a little more than year ago as a going away gift. An appropriate gift, the story takes place mostly in Chicago and parts in Michigan. I read it in one day at a hotel in the suburbs while waiting for the new apartment to become available.

The story of a man unstuck in time uncontrollably made me cry, laugh, smile and, in the end, feel satisfied in a bittersweet fashion. Everyone else I know who read it have enjoyed the book, even though a select few join me in criticizing a couple holes, mainly the why's for the main male character doing certain things and the character background or misadventures that motivated him to get certain skills and knowledge. Nonetheless, we all generally could look over those parts and enjoy the book.

Then there's also the person who thinks the main female lead is a super-bitch.

Personally, I think this story could get translated horribly to a movie. Whoever does it has a lot on their hands. They have to convert and translate a very well rounded novel with comedy, drama, tragedy, mystery and even a little action in it into a 90-minute or 2-hour movie. I can easily predict that the committee oriented writing of this type of thing will attempt to pigeonhole it into some kind of genre and somehow screw up any "explanation" it may have while that should be overshadowed well enough by the story's plot. I'll give the movie a shot, but if it comes off amazing or even just really good, I'll be surprised.


Redag said...

Well, if she's played by McAdams, at least she'll be a hot super-bitch. A hot super-bitch reproduction obsessed bad person.

The_Lex said...

That certainly would make her more tolerable than say. . .Sara Silverman playing that character. Ack! That would like the 999th layer of the Abyss. No one would deserve that kind of torture.

Redag said...

Are you dissing on Sarah Silverman's attractiveness? I am shocked.

The_Lex said...

No. I find her physically attractive; just dissing her whiny, nasally voice and presentation.

And what's worse, I feel liberal guilt because I dislike her for those reasons. . .which makes me think, do I feed her into her act for feeling that way. Then I feel shame about even beginning to list the reasons where that guilt could come from. The paradox! Brain. . .exploding. . .brain. . .shutting down. . .